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A Supportive Hug


Club Cadillac was founded in 1995 by a group of individuals focused on helping people with mental health issues. 

Club Cadillac is designed to support people living with mental illness. It is a place where people can regain the confidence and skills needed to work and to live socially satisfying lives. Club Cadillac belongs to its members who take part in it and make it come alive. Each Member is needed and wanted. Members and staff support and need each other, care for each other's well-being and celebrate each other's successes. All participation at Club Cadillac is voluntary. Club Cadillac would collapse if Members did not contribute to the running of the Program. Every part of the Program is shared by Members working side by side with Staff Members. Staff Members never ask members to do things they wouldn't do themselves. The Clubhouse model allows members to have a safe place to build work skills, and socialization. 

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